Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Lost Tongue Trailer

Lost Tongue Trailer from MYA Productions on Vimeo.

Helena Steenkamp, a San woman from the Kalahari Desert, South Africa embarks on a mission to revive the endangered N/uu language of her people. The cultural and spiritual journey battles time as the number of surviving elders diminish. Now, arriving at a pivotal juncture, the community must step in to support Helena’s mission before the younger generation loses the crux of their identity. For this small group that is determined to keep the N/uu language alive, they must struggle against the apathy of their community and government bureaucracy. As one of their leaders is acknowledged as Queen of the Khomani San, will the dawn of her coronation herald a new chapter in their struggle, and will it be sufficient to ensure that neither their culture nor language is rendered extinct?

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