Monday, 3 November 2014

"Ghaghoo" is Open recently reported on the opening of the Ghaghoo diamond mine by the president of Botswana. The mine s held by Gem Diamonds’ wholly owned subsidiary, Gem Diamonds Botswana, which holds a 25-year mining licence. The Ghaghoo mine is situated in the south-east portion of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve.  Ghaghoo is the first underground diamond mine in the country and is estimated to hold 20.53 million carats worth $4.9bn.
Gem Diamonds is a British-based mining firm.

According to the Gem Daimonds website 'Ghaghoo' is the name of a locally abundant camel thorn acacia tree, and is the name historically used by locals to refer to the area, before geological exploration teams arrived over thirty years ago, renaming the area 'Gope' - literally translated meaning 'nowhere'.

Mining Weekly recently reported that the company (Gem Diamonds) said that it had allocated funds to a community trust for the commissioning of community projects and was helping to provide the local communities with access to water. Who exactly the community trust will represent is not clear. Community trusts do not have a good track record. Let us hope that that there will indeed be spin offs for the people that needs it the most, and that it will include the San communities.

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