Monday, 3 November 2014

Clash of the Diamonds 3

By now most of the dust must have settled over the disputes that raged between the San communities, the original inhabitants, and the new tenants of this piece of land that is called The Central Kalahari. But, not the dust of the diamond mining operations at Ghaghoo Diamond Mine, formerly known as Gope Diamond mine. The prospects of this mine is so staggering that the real dust won't settle here anytime soon.

As reports: "The Ghaghoo deposit lies in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve (CKGR) and comprises two kimberlite pipes, GO25 and GO136, of which GO25 is expected to host more than 100 million tonnes of diamonds.The deposit is part of the Kalahari formation, filled with calcified and silicified sands up to a depth of 25m. Beyond the 25m level, the wall rocks of the Gope Kimberlite consist of Karoo basalt to 391m and Ntane sandstone formation from 391m to an unconfirmed depth. The Ntane formation comprises monotonous pink, buff and white grained sandstones with layers of mudstone and siltstone. The orebody consists of numerous basalt breccia layers within the core, comprising altered talus slope deposits interbedded with pyroclastic. As of January 2013, the Ghaghoo mine was estimated to contain probable reserves of 7.5 million tonnes of ore graded at 27.81ct/100t. It is estimated to contain 2.08 million carats of diamonds. "

Only time will tell if the profits from this mining operations will benefit the orginal inhabitants of the land at all.

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