Thursday, 24 April 2014

Bushman Music Initiative

Bushmen indigenous languages are very unique and distinct from any other language group. To the foreign ear, it sounds like a lot if garble. But to them, it is maybe their only "artifact" left from their ancient past.Very few of their different languages have been recorded fully, and most of these languages will most probably one day vanish. The bushmen are very poetic and like to tell stories, dance, and sing.     
In an effort to record their unique "music" a volunteer project was initiated called the Bushman Music Initiative. You can find more information about this initiative here. Following are an excerpt from the website that illustrates the uniqueness of their culture: Popular musician Dave Matthews, a native South African, reports that during a visit to a Bushman village he asked a Bushman what the words to a certain song meant. "There are no words," the man said, "because these songs all come from before we had words." Songs from different communities were recorded and are available on a CD that can be ordered online. One can also listen to track samples online.

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