Saturday, 22 March 2014

Prayer Requests for the Ju/'hoansi  Bushmen of  North Eastern Namibia and Botswana. (Tsumkwe Area in Namibia and Mohopa in Botswana)
This prayer requests are also applicable to other Bushmen groups as the problems mentioned here are universal. 

* Alcohol misuse is a big problem amongst all age and ethnic groups in the Tsumkwe area. One reason for this is the availability of liquor as the sale of it creates revenue for many people. Pray that people will be delivered from dependency and that negative behavior patterns which result from the abuse of alcohol, will be broken.

* Unemployment is also a big problem. Pray for existing income generating projects to be successful and sustainable and for the Bushmen to utilize these opportunities to their full benefit and well being.  

* TB, Malaria and HIV/Aids is prevalent in the area with  HIV/Aids on the increase. Pray for the effective service delivery to people with HIV/Aids, TB and malaria as well as for the education and prevention programmes which are in place. Pray that the people will grasp the importance of what they learn in these programmes and start implementing the practical hints they receive.  Pray for the sick and dying. Pray for those looking after them, often deep in the bush.

School attendance is poor amongst Bushman children. This results from poor parental guidance and control as well as abuse by children from other ethnic groups. The smaller sized Bushmen are an easy target . Pray that parents will once again take up their responsibilities and that they will discover their role as parents.

* The Bushmen are often victimized by other ethnic groups that “invade” their community and land, without any respect for them. Stock theft also occurs as other groups steal from them. Efforts by Bushman community leaders are often falling on deaf ears. Pray that other ethnic groups will respect the Bushmen, their land and their property and that they will not be seen as outcasts by society. Pray that the Bushmen will have favor with Government and other organizations which render assistance to them.
* The Bushmen are very dependent on handouts and sometimes believe the world owes them something. This prevents them from discovering and developing their own potential and gifts. Pray that a sense of self worth  and pride will be restored and that they will understand that they need to, and that they can, shape their
* Pray for the Christian believers amongst the Ju/'hoansi Bushmen, that they will grow in Christ and be able to withstand the temptations of everyday day life, and their unique culture. Pray that they will be able to discern the perfect will of God for their lives and that they will discern what is wrong and right. Pray that they will become witnesses in their own community.
* Pray for DEGNOS in Grootfontein, a Service and Witness centre of the Dutch Reformed Church in the North Eastern part of Namibia that trains, and works amongst the Ju/’hoansi Bushmen, as well as amongst the other Bushman groups in the North Eastern parts of Namibia.

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