Saturday, 4 August 2012

The Naro are Khoi-San people of the Kalahari in Botswana. Translation work started among them in 1991 when Hessel and Coby Visser answered the call to bring God’s Word to this people group who were not responding to the Gospel through the Afrikaans or Tswana Scriptures with their vastly different language and worldview! Besides the Vissers, the team consists of Taux'ae Baeba, Marea Camm, Tcega Fritz and Khanx'a Isaac Saul. Just over 20 years later, the Naro New Testament is ready. They hope to launch the Scriptures into the community in November this year.
Prayer challenge: Prayer is vital for this critical stage of the translation process, to prepare the hearts of Naro people who’ll have God’s Word in
their own language and worldview for the first time.
Logistical challenges: Much preparation is needed to organise such a long-awaited event. Guests will come from all over to celebrate the culmination of two decades of dedication and anticipation.
Health challenges: Hessel is recovering from ra-diation therapy so he needs to rest more than usual.
Promotion challenges: Praise God for the re-cordings of the Naro New Testament done in Jan/Feb, now available on "Audio-Bibles." Pray for effective distribution and use.
Transport challenges: The only hurdle left is transporting the Bibles from South Korea to Bot-swana, via South Africa. Please pray that this will soon be resolved, and that the dedication planned for 10 November 2012 can take place.

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