Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Where the Bushmen Used to Live (1959)

There is a vast sweep of dry bush desert lying in Sout-West Africa and Western Bechuanaland, bordered in the north by Lake Ngami and the Okovango River, in the south by the Orange River, and in the west by the Damera Hills. It is the Kalahari Desert, part of a great inland table of Southern Africa that slopes west toward the see, all low sand dunes and great plains, flat, dry and rolling one upon the other for thousands of miles, a hostile country of thirst and heat and thorns where the grass is harsh and often barbed and the stones hide scorpions." (Abstract from: The Harmless People, Elizabeth Marshall Thomas,1959). This book, and the map from it, gives an accurate description of the area where the Kalahari Bushmen used to be found in large numbers. They were referred to as, the Northern Bushman Group.Today, the remnant is staying in isolated communities throughout the Kalahari region.  

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