Saturday, 17 August 2019

The San values of conflict prevention and avoidance in Platfontein

The aim of this article is to identify measures that can prevent violent conflict through the maintenance of traditional cultural values that guide conflict avoidance. Moreover, the article focuses on the concepts of conflict prevention and conflict avoidance as applied by the San community of Platfontein. The causes of the inter-communal tensions between the San community members are also examined. A selected conflict situation, that of superstition and witchcraft, is assessed as factors increasing interpersonal conflict in the Platfontein community. This investigation is made to determine if the San preventive measures have an impact in the community, so as to prevent ongoing conflicts from escalating further. - Mollema, N., 2017, ‘The Sanvalues of conflict preventionand avoidance in Platfontein’,The Journal forTransdisciplinary Research inSouthern Africa 13(1), a429.

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