Monday, 8 August 2016

Could Tourism Offer a Future for Botswana’s Bushmen?

Adventure travel leader G Adventures is working to improve the relationship between the tourism industry and local communities through partnerships with impact-driven local organizations. “As G Africa unfolds, we are working toward ensuring that every stop is locally owned and supports the community,” explains CEO (Chief Experience Officer), Farai Chigwada.

The first inhabitants of the eastern Lowveld were probably the San or Bushmen

The first inhabitants of the eastern Lowveld were probably the San or Bushmen. They were a nomadic people who lived together in small family groups and relied on hunting and the gathering of food for survival. Evidence of their existence is found in numerous rock shelters throughout the Lowveld where some of their rock paintings are still visible. A number of these shelters have been documented in the Nelspruit area (Bornman, 1995; Schoonraad in Barnard, 1975). It has been said the red-ochre source for these paintings is to be found at Dumaneni, near Malalane (Bornman, 1995).