Sunday, 3 April 2016

New Website Link for the Bushman Music Initiative

The Bushman Music Initiative operates with three goals in mind:

1. To try to lend a hand to the Bushman people by providing for them an income based on a valuable, meaningful, and largely neglected aspect of their culture—namely, their music. This in turn demonstrates to the Bushmen an appreciation of their rich and singular musical tradition, and will hopefully help in its preservation.
2. To document this music for posterity while it is still here. For the extraordinary degree of complexity, uniqueness, and beauty that I find in this music, there is an equally extraordinary void in the annals of recorded music where it should be represented. It is perhaps the oldest music on Earth. And with Bushman tradition and culture slowly fading, even vanishing, it is uncertain how long this music will survive in its potent, original form.
3. To create an awareness of the Kalahari Bushmen in the modern world. This includes their incredible musical tradition, their unique history and culture, their friendliness and integrity, and the difficult circumstances they are facing in this pivotal moment of their timeline.

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