Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Ministries to the Bushmen - New Xanagas

"Glory" is a faith based ministry located within the community of  New Xanagas in the West of Botswana, not far from the Namibian Border on the road to Gobabis. The ministry serves a group of Naro speaking Bushmen scattered in and around New Xanagas. Following are a selection of photographs that gives more insight in what they are doing. You can visit the ministry website here 

 Road to Glory! New Xanagas

The Church Building

You can't miss the Glory!

Yes you can grow plants in the desert!
Community garden project at New Xanagas
New Xanagas falls into what is known as the Kalahari Basin. The area is classified as a desert due to it's lack of permanent surface water. Living in this kind of environment on a permanent basis brings unique challenges. Communities are dependent on a reliable supply of ground water which fortunately is available at the ministry. Renewable energy sources are utilised, for instance to supply household hot water. Botswana is blessed with plenty of sunshine and of course extreme temperature variations, very cold at night in winter and extremely hot at day in summer. Consumer goods most of us takes for granted are unavailable and goods that are supplied, are provided at great cost due to it being shipped over very long distances. So, if one wants to visit New Xanagas, the best is to be self sufficient and to have enough left to bless the local Bushmen, who does not take anything for granted.

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