Friday, 18 April 2014

The Hadza Tribe of Northern Tanzania

Africa's ancient hunter-gatherers struggle for survival

Apart from the Bushmen the Hadza Tribe of Northern Tanzania is most probably the last remaining hunter-gatherer tribe that actively pursue this lifestyle as a way of making a living. Their way of living closely resembles those of the Bushmen and their language also include click consonants, giving clues about their ancient heritage. Their language is classified by Linguists as part of the Khoisan Language Group. Like the Bushmen they also face a daily struggle for survival with other ethnic tribes infringing on their traditional hunting grounds.

As part of their Inside Africa coverage CNN is giving a rare glimpse into the life of the Hadza. You  can read their article here 

Until 30 years ago, the Hadza frequently hunted large animals like zebra, giraffe and buffalo. Most large mammals have now decreased in number, leaving them to depend on smaller animals, such as local antelope and birds.
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Olduvai George Northern Tanzania
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