Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Roads to the Bushmen
These photos appeared on the blog of Colin and Julie that worked with in Maun Botswana. The photos were taken during a trip they undertook in August 2011. This particular photos were taken on the road between Tsumke in Namibia and Gumare in Botswana. Tsumke is located in o what must be one of the remotest places in Namibia inhabited by people, if not the most remote. From Tsumke the road goes east towards Botswana crossing through the Dobe border post. This must also be one of the remotest border crossing anywhere in Africa. It only sees traffic every few days. Tsumke, Dobe and Mohapa are home to several communities of Bushmen. 

Wooden Sign to Word to Africa Mahopa Church Botswana

Word to Africa Mahopa Church Botswana

Main Road between Tsumke and Doba border post

Namibia border post

Botswana border post

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