Sunday, 23 March 2014

Food from the veld
African Horned Cucumber, Jelly Melon, Kiwano Cucumis metuliferus 

Photo Credit: Africa Wild
The fruit needs to be carefully handled because of the sharp spines. The fruits occur in very bitter forms, grading to non-bitter forms. The bitter forms are unpalatable and probably poisonous. The taste of the non-bitter forms has been described as flavourless or rather bland pineapple-banana-like or even  sour. The fruit can be eaten like an ordinary cucumber. A jelly can be made from the fruit by boiling it until soft, straining it and boiling the fruit pulp again with a cup of sugar for each cup of water. The fruit can also be cut into cubes and pickled in vinegar. The Bushmen is known to roast the fruit and then strain the flesh. The leaves can be cooked as a vegetable and, or mixed with maize meal. More Info: Plantz Africa

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