Sunday, 30 March 2014

Bushmen Rock Art
Tsodilo Hills Botswana

Tsodilo Hills

Entrance to Tsodilo Hills

Drawings of a penguin and a whale shown here by Xontae,one of the guides at Tsodilo Hills
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Tsodilo Hills are of great cultural and spiritual significance to the Bushmen. It was declared an UNESCO World Heritage Site. It consists of more than 4500 rock paintings, making it one of the most historically significant art sites in the world.  The hills contain 500 individual sites representing thousands of years of human habitation depicted on the rock faces. Although having great significance to the San communities Tsodilo Hills do not have among them the status of a "shrine". There are also no San communities staying in the immediate vicinity of the Hills. Although very remotely situated, the hills are visited by travelers from all over the world. Basic camping facilities are available as well as local guides. It might take some searching to find them as the site seems to be deserted most of the time.  

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