Sunday, 23 September 2012

AAAS - AAAS News Release - "SCIENCE: Genomic Study Highlights Early Split of Modern Humans"

A new study of human genetic variation in sub-Saharan Africa, where modern Homo sapiens are believed to have originated, helps to reveal the region’s rich genetic history. According to Carina Schlebusch from Uppsala University in Sweden and colleagues from around the world, the click-speaking Khoe-San people, whose genetic divergence from other African groups is considered to be one of the earliest in modern human history, broke off from other populations approximately 100,000 years ago.

This is an Emergency - please help save Cgunta!

We're trying to save Cgunta's life after he put himself in the way of a fire to save an Australian tourist's life from a bushfire. He has severe burns over 70% of his body, and 3 of his family members who also fought heroically to save this woman's life have died from their burns. We are working tirelessly to raise the N$750,000/ £56,243/ €70,084/ $91,316 USD needed to transport him to specialist treatment in South Africa and ensure the best care possible. 

Tsumkwe Bushmen Die Saving Tourist

In an act of true heroism, several San bushmen 3 months ago saved a female tourists life when they took her out on a walking trial north of Tsumkwe. During their walk, the wind changed its direction, and brought with it a ranging veld-fire. Without thinking twice, the 5 bushmen formed a protective circle around their guest, and two of the brave men literally gave their lives to save hers, as they sadly succumbed to their injuries.