Sunday, 5 August 2012

All the World is Singing (Naro Bushmen Worship Music)

All The World Is Singing 

All te4h World is Singing data DVD

This 3.36GB data DVD contains videos, photos, songs and other media and is intended for use in your computer.  The contents of this DVD are not duplicated on the CD-ROM accompanying the book All the World is Singing.
Sample of Contents: Supplementary media for over half the stories in the book. Plus completely new examples of Christian music...
Angola – Nkumbi songs
Botswana – songs from the Naro and G/ui San (“Bushmen”) peoples
Burkina Faso – “Sing to the Lord a New Song” (movie)
Cameroon – Mofu movie & songs, Ngiemboon (movie)
Central African Republic – Aka “Pygmy” (music, other movies)
Democratic Republic of Congo/Zaire – music from Mono people
Ghana – songs & movie from various groups
Senegal – Wolof songs
Sierra Leone – “Jonah” story songs in Themne

Bibliographies & Resources on Global Worship (30 files)
Celtic Christian Music (over 20 song samples)
The Dancing Church – movies from Ghana, Malawi, Papua New Guinea
Japanese Gospel Choir (movie + 2 stories)
Materials for Applied ethnomusicology
Northern Ireland (3 songs + article)
“Voices from the Nations” (Maori, Hawaii, Tanzania)

…and more!

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